Monday, September 5, 2011

And Then There Were 3.5...

Sorry for the long hiatus. It's annual review time at my "real job" so my nights have been filled with reviewing reports and writing glowing, flowing words about how successful my staff has been this past year. I really shouldn't complain. At least we're getting raises this year so that's a good thing. 

But..... I haven't been able to write - so that suck rocks. Big. Huge. Boulders. I was hoping to use Labor Day weekend as a time to catch up - but... umm nope. That didn't happen. I've got 3.5 reviews left to complete. And my story is silent in my head. That worries me.

So I'm going to cram the next two days with "real" work so I can get back to the work I LOVE. Because in the end -- it's the real work that's paying the bills right now.... right?

Only 3.5 to go! Wish me luck!

Get your write on!