Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Week At Pictures!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you know that I tried to Tweet all of the fun happenings during my stay in NYC while attending my very first Romance Writers of American National Convention. *bites fist* MAN! I had a blast!

I met so many new people and finally saw Tweeps "face to face"!! I gushed over my favorite authors and in some cases I stalked them.... in a GOOD way though. I can honestly say -- with a STRAIGHT FACE... Lara Adrian is now my BFF! 

So rather than go into crazy detail for the events of each day -- I'm just going to do a pictorial with comments.  Because in the end - the week in NY was such a whirlwind dance.... it will take me weeks to come off my high!  So.. here I go!

NY Pastrami with Mozzarella on a Bun. H E A V E N!

Literacy Book Signing - INSANE!! I LOVED IT!

Finally met LaTessa and KwanaWrites
(Even though LaTessa ditched us to go see Tyreese outside the building. <eyeroll>)
Oh, you know Lara Adrian.... she's my new BFF!

I totally look like I'm accosting Keri Arthur! I love her books!

Lauren Dane waves hello!

Yes, Larissa Ione is my new BFF too! 

Hotel Drink (12 oz) = $18. Dallas BBQ (Texas Size)  Mango Pina Colada $11 (with and extra shot of 151)
Yeah, you do the math. 

Lite vs Dark Paranormal Panel: Karina Cooper, Pamela Palmer
Kerrelyn Sparks, Terri Garey. Loved it!

The line for the Avon Book signing

Karina Cooper. Very cool author. I'm totally gonna make her my new BFF!

Jeanine Frost! CAT & BONES IN THE HOUSE!!!

UF authors, Vicki Pettersson and Pamela Palmer
*whispers* Vicki gave me a Poker Chip for Neon Graveyard! FTW!

I'll say this for Bells - GEEEENNNNAAAA!!! Showalter!

Did I mention we got a lot of free books?

My Carolina Romance Writers Crew at the Sherrilyn Kenyon Luncheon

 Virna DePaul gave me writing tips! Totally nice lady!

*cough* my Berkley Publishing stash *cough*

Did I mention I won a Kindle? From WriteWayPro?
See I told you Lara Adrian was my BFF!

Me, awards night. See I really do have pearls that I clutch!

And there you have it. My view of RWA11 in pictures... Cell Phone pictures that is. I still need to upload the pics I took with my camera, so I'll save that for my next post.  Until next time!


Sherri said...

Wow -- these are great pictures. Looks like you had a ridiculous time! I'm so jealous you won a Kindle! Looking forward to reading more and seeing more photos :)

Dren said...

Thanks hon! I'll post part two on Sunday! :)